Photos: Elizabeth Leidel


Want to be a contestant on Yellow Tape?


Do you fancy yourself an “arm chair detective”? Are you an “expert” on all things OJ? Have you listened to the SERIAL podcast more than twice? This doesn't make you a creep, it makes you a true crime fan, and there's no shame in that game!

Grab a few friends and test your knowledge at YELLOW TAPE - a true crime trivia show! Format will follow your traditional bar trivia game, except more humor, a few surprises, and all the categories will be true crime related – think unsolved mysteries, current cases, criminal justice factoids and more. Proceeds of ticket sales go to The Innocence Project!

Compete on STAGE against other “arm chair detectives” and a surprise guest!


come play!

Showtimes + Appearances Can Be Found Here!

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P.S. A portion of tickets to YELLOW TAPE are donated To The Innocence Project!

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