The Host



Rebekah’s love of true crime began at a young age when she watched COPS with her Dad. (Hey, it was the 80’s.) Her fascination with crime and passion for criminal justice continued for years, but it’s only recently that Rebekah knew what to do with all that energy and knowledge. True crime is having a moment, and Rebekah couldn’t be happier about it. But this in no way means she is HAPPY about murder. It’s the exploration of what makes people do what they do that really gets her excited.

When she isn’t working as a marketing professional in NYC (and let’s be honest, even when she IS), you will find her listening to true crime podcasts, watching Netflix docs, exploring NYC and attending any and every live event that fosters good conversation around criminal justice, true crime and cold cases.

Rebekah is the creator + host of YELLOW TAPE: a true crime trivia show + podcast, DIE-ALGOUE: a true crime conversation. she is also an actress in the occasional commercial, and when she’s feeling very brave; she attends storytelling open mic nights around New York City. She lives in Queens with her husband, three teenagers, and super sleuthy dog, Sherlock.